Number 43 Squadron, The Fighting Cocks - 1984

Flt Lt Paul Courtnage (Courtney), 43 Squadron, The Fighting Cocks, 1984. Steve Foote, John Walmsley, Pete Williams, Dick Ellis, Paul Courtnage, Martin Loveridge, Nige Wainwright, Tim Wilkinson, Jim Evans, Neil Adams, Pete Kelly, Simon Leighton-Porter, Brian Bates, Tony Dewhurst, John Hair, Dave Cyster (QFI), Tony Bagnall, Brett Martin, Pete Humphrys, Dom Riley, Phil Jones, Donnie Holland, Jon Watts, Iain Brain, Barry Doggett, Chris Boyd, Rick Suffolk, Evan Evans, Clive Marrison (Noddy Marrison), Steve Green, Johnny Sorrells, Tony Bown, Mike Salter

43 Squadron, The Fighting Cocks.

Top Row
Steve Foote (Footy), John Walmsley (OCA), Pete Williams (Peewee), Dick Ellis (OCB), Paul Courtnage (Courtney), Martin Loveridge, Nige Wainwright,
Tim Wilkinson (Timmy Wilks), Jim Evans (JEngO), Neil Adams, Pete Kelly (Kelp), Simon Leighton-Porter (LP), Brian Bates (Basher), Tony Dewhurst, John Hair

On the Wing
Dave Cyster (QFI), Tony Bagnall (Boss), Brett Martin, Pete Humphrys

On the Ground, Step and Fuel Tank
Dom Riley (Riles), Phil Jones, Donnie Holland (USAF, KIA), Jon Watts (Walter), Iain Brain (Brian), Barry Doggett (QWIL), Chris Boyd, Rick Suffolk,
Evan Evans, Clive Marrison (Noddy), Steve Green, Johnny Sorrells (USAF), Tony Bown, Mike Salter (SEngO)

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43 Squadron, The Fighting Cocks.

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Aircraft is 43 Sqn, FG1 XV577 "Mike", later "Alpha Mike".

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